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Wholesale Application

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Denver Dog Crunchease CBD Pellets

Box of (8) 100mg Bags

(8) 200mg Bags

(4) 400mg Bags

(2) 800mg Bags


Bulk Siempre Vida CBD Options

1 Box = 12 Bars unless otherwise stated

4 Boxes = 1 Case

Place an order (314) 406-8266

Minimum order is one box

Standard Mixed Box. 12 Total Bars 
Unscented Pack Box. 12 Total bars 
Embedded with Oatmeal Box. 12 Total bars  
Honey Box. 12 Total bars  
All One Scent Box. 12 Total bars 
12 Bars Of Your Choice Box. 12 Total bars (add $6)
Goat’s Milk Soap With Sea Sponge Box. 9 Total bars with sponges
Olive Oil Soap With Loofa Box. 10 Total bars
CBD Infused Lotions. Available In 2.3oz and 4.3oz bottles
2.3oz 15 bottles per box. Choose up to 3 different scents (5 of each scent.)
               Milk & Honey
               Egyptian Musk
Pick a max of three different scents to make up a box of 12 bars
Boxes available in all Goat’s Milk, all Olive oil or all Half n Half Soap.
Boxes available in Olive oil and Goat’s Milk Soap.
Honey Soap. Just real honey with no scent or color added.
Boxes available in Goat’s Milk, Olive oil or Half n Half Soap.
Boxes available in Goat’s Milk, Olive oil or Half n Half Soap. 
Boxes available in Goats Milk Soap only. Choose up to 3 scents from list below** (3 each scent)
Choose up to 2 scents from list below**(5 each scent)
4.3oz 10 bottles per box. Choose up to 2 different scents (5 of each scent.)
               Milk & Honey
               Egyptian Musk

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