The History of Stellar Canna and Siempre Vida

Our mission is to help people and their pets live longer, healthier, happy lives naturally.


Our Story

In 2016 my personal experience with CBD hemp oil began when my Old English Mastiff, Pearl, developed cancer. At that time, I investigated alternative meds, including Cannabis oil with THC. I could not obtain the oil since my state had not yet legalized the sale of medical marijuana. Another issue was we didn’t want to get Pearl ‘high’ with the THC. I then ran across a product being called, CBD Hemp Oil. It was being sold on the internet legally and it was not supposed to create a euphoric ‘high’ since it contained only minute amounts of THC (>0.3%). I was skeptical of the legality of the hemp oil and purchasing CBD oil for sale online. After a little research, I found many testimonials raving about its potential causing me to want to look further into it. One online site discussing CBD hemp oil research was Project CBD. I was having a hard time understanding dosages and product contents even though I am an R.N. and have a Masters Degree in Science.  The labels were not informative enough and I noticed many CBD hemp oils were overpriced and of poor quality. By then it was too late for our beautiful Pearl. I couldn’t get a quality CBD hemp oil fast enough to start possibly helping her.

My Story Continues

It was then I contacted my nephew, a Biologist who specializes in Clinical Laboratory Science. I asked him to join me in this crusade to help more pets AND educate their owners. I didn’t want pet owners to have a difficult time finding good quality CBD hemp oil for their pets like I did. That was the birth of our high quality, human grade, non GMO, organic, vegan and lower competitive pricing, Denver Dog CBD hemp oil for pets. Our goal is to have customers educated about CBD hemp oil and know they are purchasing the highest quality CBD hemp oil for dogs and all their other furry friends. Denver Dog CBD hemp oil is for when only the best dog supplement will do. 

Barking Tree Dog Supply Products

Our products continually evolve as we push technology even further with techniques and materials more and more friendly to our planet.  When releasing new products to the market, it is extremely important for us to stick to our ethos of being natural and beneficial to the earth.  This is one of the reasons why it takes us a considerable amount of time before actually marketing our naturally-derived and recycled products.

We have partnered with local, U.S. companies who are held to very strict standards as far as claims of sustainability, environmentally-friendliness and actual materials.  Our partners had to agree with our company’s natural, earth-friendly approach.  This means that the materials and manufacturing processes are of the highest possible quality, and most importantly, it means that our products are as natural and sustainable as technology will allow.

One of the main focuses of Barking Tree Dog Supply is to be green and natural, and to serve the Earth.  As shown, we have policies and systems in place to ensure we are using the most state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and materials.  However, we wanted to take this a step further.  One of the other decisions we made because of this was to keep our labeling and packaging simple and clean.  We want to be friendly to the Earth at every step of the way, which means there is no need to use unnecessary packaging materials.  For example, our poop bags have zero packaging, but rather a small sticker that keeps the roll together.  In our liquid products, there are no harsh chemicals or other products that could be harmful to your dog or the environment as a whole. 

Siempre Vida Is Born

In 2017 Siempre Vida came to be. Although we had helped a lot of people and pets, we knew that we still hadn’t unlocked the full potential of CBD. By an amazing string of fortune, we came across our “Greek soap lady” and fell in love with what she had to offer. Goat’s Milk Soap and Goat’s Milk with Honey Lotion were able to be used to deliver CBD to the largest organ in the body, our skin. From there we expanded into other Bath and Body products along with CBD infused pet shampoo. There have been reports of wonderful results.

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