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Our Siempre Vida CBD soap bar has been helping many types of skin issues. CBD soap bar benefits normal skin, psoriasis, eczema, irritated itchy painful skin has been amazing. Siempre Vida CBD products were developed by Stellar Canna to help deliver CBD, Cannabidiol, to your largest organ of your body. Yes! Your skin is the largest organ of your body and the most abused. Between the sun, pollution, allergies, to name a few, our skin needs help immediately. Our CBD soap bars are full of lasting fragrances and an array of appealing colors. The luxurious CBD rich lather will have you coming back for more. Learn how to use CBD soap and what CBD is good for by visiting us at Stellar Canna today to learn more about the benefits of CBD in soap. Finally, relief can be achieved just when you thought you had to suffer though life.


Why buy from us?

First thing first, our principle goal is to help people and pets. That is why we decided to start this company. Our CBD does all the work and that is proof of a quality product. It is so amazing to get reviews from customers that have had positive results from our carefully made products. Many issues helped aren’t even the reason some people start to use our products. We hear amazing results all the time of unbelievable and positive reviews. We want to hear your stories.

More of what we have to offer

-We also have two fulfillment centers that allow us to efficiently send your products.
-Secure Ordering available
-Lowest pricing available online
-We always strive to use Naturally-derived ingredients whenever possible.
-Cutting edge manufacturing with green technology
-Proprietary materials
-Courteous, knowledgeable and professional support
-Tons of satisfied customers
-You will love our products -Everyone that uses our products comes back for more. We are doing something right!
Our CBD hemp oils expiration date isn’t until 1 year after purchase. Lab tested for quality, safety, and efficacy. Results posted on website.
Suggested Common Uses for CBD hemp oil as found online
Pain, Anxiety, Inflammation, Nausea, Loss of Appetite, Seizures, Sleep, cancer.
Disclaimer-CBD hemp oil is not FDA approved.

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