Stellar Canna CBD Hemp Oil-300mg CBD for Humans


STELLAR CANNA CBD HEMP OIL – 300mg organic CBD per Bottle

  • 30ml/ 1 oz glass bottle containing 300mg organic CBD
  • All available in Natural flavor
  • Full-spectrum Cannabinoid extract
  • Organic hemp CO2 tincture
  • Other natural molecules included: Alkanes, Nitrogenous compounds, Amino acids, Sugars, Aldehydes, Alcohols, Keytones, Flavanoids, Glycosides, Vitamins, Pigments and Water.

Also available in other size bottles. 900mg or 3600mg

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Stellar Canna- CBD Hemp Oil 300mg Bottle

Stellar Canna is a Full Spectrum organic CBD hemp oil derived from specially bred industrial hemp plants with high CBD (Cannabidiol) content. The hemp we use is USA grown organically and CO2 extracted. The resultant oil is then added to an easy to use bottle with a dropper included. It is a whole plant extract, not synthetic and not an isolate. There is no “high” since CBD is non-psychoactive. No need to shake the bottle. It is not an oil containing isolate. Our oil contains all the synergistic Cannaboids, Terpenoids, Essential Oils and other compounds of the original plant, necessary for an entourage effect. Nothing is lost or isolated out during the processes. CBD hemp oil is naturally non euphoric.

Dosing help

A tincture of Stellar Canna contains Cannabidiol extract. A suggested serving is 15mg twice daily which will provide many valuable nutrients including 30mg of CBD a day. It is suggested to divide the daily dose into an A.M. and a P.M. dosing which keeps the CBD levels more consistent. 30mg is considered and average dose for an average human. Some people have great results with a lesser dose and others may need a higher dose than the average. Regulate the dose for your individual situation and condition. If you are not noticing any changes you may need to increase your dose. A known side effect of CBD is drowsiness. Adjust your dose lower if that occurs but it is not necessary to stop taking the CBD daily.

Who is Stellar Canna?

Stellar Canna are leaders in premium organic CBD hemp oils for both humans and pets, CBD infused Bath & Body products along with natural sustainable dog products. There are many great reasons to buy from us. We are a fast growing company because we always put the customer first. A customer centered shopping experience has always been our goal and we pride ourselves in our comprehensive policies that have put us in the realm above and beyond our competitors. Shop with us today and see the difference.

Why buy from us?

First thing first, our principle goal is to help people and pets. That is why we decided to start this company. Our organic CBD oil does all the work and that is proof of a quality product. It is so amazing to get reviews from customers that have had positive results from our carefully made products. Many issues helped aren’t even the reason some people start to use our products. We hear amazing results all the time of unbelievable and positive reviews. We want to hear your stories.

More of what we have to offer

-We also have two fulfillment centers that allow us to efficiently send your products.
-Secure ordering available
-Lowest pricing available online
-We always strive to use naturally-derived ingredients whenever possible.
-Cutting edge manufacturing with green technology
-Proprietary materials
-Courteous, knowledgeable and professional support
-Tons of satisfied customers
-You will love our products                   -Everyone that uses our products comes back for more. We are doing something right!

Our CBD hemp oils expiration date isn’t until 1 year after purchase. Lab tested for quality, safety, and efficacy.  Results posted on website.

Suggested Common Uses for CBD hemp oil as found online

Pain, Anxiety, Inflammation, Nausea, Loss of Appetite, Seizures, Sleep, cancer.

Disclaimer-CBD hemp oil is not FDA approved.

Stellar Canna organic CBD oil comes in 3 sizes, 300mg as shown here and 900mg and 3600mg bottles. 3600 mg bottles are 4 times the amount of CBD as our 900mg bottles for only two & a half times the cost.


Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in


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