Siempre Vida CBD Soap Bar- 1 oz Travel/Favor Size-10mg Box of 28

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Fragrance Descriptions

Milk & Honey is your perfect farm-fresh mix. A creamy fresh scent and sweet honey straight from the comb.

Our Lemongrass scent energizes and relieves nervousness. It’s a slightly green citrus bouquet with both lemon and orange notes.

Adonis is our most masculine scent that is an amber fragrance with a blend of fresh greens, pepper, and finishing with mahogany and water. Very refreshing.

Egyptian Musk A clean, light, and delicate musk with woodsy undertones, a touch of citrus and a hint of mystery.


CBD Soap Bar- Siempre Vida CBD- 10mg/1 ounce bar Olive Oil & Goats Milk Mix- 28 bars total in 4 or 2 fragrances

Siempre Vida Olive Oil CBD soap bar has 10mgs of CBD infused into each 1 ounce bar. By starting with a premium olive oil soap or moisturizing goat’s milk base the result is skin that is soft and luxurious. To that we add a high quality U.S.A. manufactured CBD. Those two combinations results in a product that has caused incredible and helpful results in the skin and body industry.

What is this mix box option?

This box contains 28 bars of our premium CBD soap bars. These are 1oz travel/sample size bars and therefore contain 10mg CBD each. Same concentration as our 5 ounce bars. Great for a unique party favor, stocking stuffer, B&B gift, wedding favor as well as a shower favor for your guest. These would be a helpful healing gift. Send as a “CLEAN your calendar reminder” for example and have your guest show up to your event and thank you for  possibly healing their skin issue. Wow, that party or wedding would be more memorable to your guest than no other. Give the gift of health to your friends and guest. They will thank you.

Why do you what to use our soaps?

Our 10mg CBD soap bar has been helping so many types of skin issues. Our CBD soap bar benefit on normal skin is wonderful. With conditions like psoriasis, eczema, irritated itchy painful skin, it has been amazing. Siempre Vida CBD products were developed by Stellar Canna to help deliver CBD, Cannabidiol, to your largest organ of your body. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and the most abused. Between the sun, pollution and allergies, to name a few, our skin needs help immediately. The skin is the first line of defense for our entire body.

About our soaps

Our CBD soap bars are full of long lasting fragrance and an array of appealing colors. The luxurious CBD rich lather will have you coming back for more. Especially, after you see the results of our products for yourself. Finally relief can be achieved just when you thought you had to suffer though life. CBD can be amazing when applied to your skin. Letting the lather linger gives it time to affect the tissue of the skin. It’s also is readily absorbed through our skin. This means our skin benefits, but also some CBD passes through the skin internally. Now that’s really using your CBD!

Why we began putting CBD in soap

CBD has been proven to help normal skin, long term dermatitis, rashes, acne, skin cancers, and itchy skin. We wanted to find the perfect soap to infuse with our CBD. We knew it could help our skin become extremely healthy. It could become tighter, have less acne, and help irritations and many skin issues. Maybe decrease our skin cancer risk due to its anti-cancer properties. Those were enough reason for us to begin to develop a bath & beauty line we call Siempre Vida, which means “Forever Life”.

Where are our soaps manufactured?

After searching we found the perfect lotions and soaps to infuse our CBD into. They are a natural goat’s milk and olive oil based product. All made on the famous Greek Sponge Docks of Tarpon Springs, Florida. Tarpon Springs is a small Greek Village on the Gulf of Mexico. It is where sponge diving was a way of life for the Greek immigrants since the early 1900s. When the sponge industry slowed in the 1970’s, the Greeks began to make the soap as they did back in their homeland of Greece. The soap has now been produced and sold there to tens of thousands of visitors a year. This is the soap we chose to infuse with our CBD.

Why you want to try our CBD soap bars?

Our CBD infused soap will turn your shower into a healthy retreat. The fragrance will excite and tantalize you. Then add CBD into the picture and your skin will look and feel healthier as your worries flow down the drain. Most people know that consuming CBD helps us feel better and healthy on the inside. It’s now time to immerse your entire body in CBD. You will feel the results for yourself. With Stellar Canna you will say, help me get back, back to some kind of normal and healthier skin. Try it once. We know you will be back for more. Thank you for visiting our store. Please share our website with anyone suffering with any skin condition. We want to help.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 in
Soap Base

All Olive Oil, All Goats Milk, Half n Half


All Lemongrass, All Egyptian Musk, All Adonis, All Milk & Honey, Mix


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