Dog CBD Treats

200mg Crunchease CBD dog treats

This is our 200mg CBD in our Crunchease 2.4 oz bags. Crunchease are not a treat but pure hemp CBD in pellet form made specially for Denver Dog. Crunchease are your pets best friend. It can help them live a more comfortable life longer. This includes cats and CBD too. Also available in 400mg Crunchease or 800mg Crunchease bags.

Crunchease is a CBD dog, cat and CBD pet treat for all the animals in your home

*****Alternative to CBD oil or prepared CBD treats for dogs and cats.******

-Free of animal products, Preservatives, Gelatin, flour, wheat, sugar or dairy products.
-Bags are over sized to protect product. 100% hemp only!
-Keep bags sealed.
-Made in the USA Non GMO VEGAN
-Not intended for human consumption. ** May want to give extra dose for stressful situations.
-Non allergenic Non Euphoric *Consult a Vet if pet is pregnant or nursing
-Lab tested for quality, safety and potency.

Crunchease naturally comes in varied lengths. May have to add or remove pellets pieces to get correct dosage of CBD. * If your dog loves to eat yard grass, they will love Crunchease. It could even curb the need for your pet to eat the grass. It did ours!

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