CBD Pocket Pets

CBD Pocket Pet Treats

CBD pocket pet treats, Crunchease developed by Denver Dog are not actually a ‘treat’ but a dietary supplement of CBD. Its like ‘treatment’ of CBD more than a CBD treat but there has never been a CBD products like this one. It is a unique CBD product for almost every pet in your home including pocket pets. Rabbits and CBD have had remarkable results.

Is Crunchease really considered a treat?

Crunchease are not really a “treat”. We call it a treat to help owners who search for that phrase online since there is no other CBD product like our Crunchease. Other companies call theirs a treat since it is full of calories, sugar and other ingredients not found in our Crunchease. Crunchease is a dietary supplement for pets. It is pure hemp plant material with naturally occurring 3mg of CBD per 2inches of pellet material (per gm). Some pets think it’s a treat!

What are Crunchease?

Crunchease are low calorie, non-GMO and also contains no flour, grains, yeast, or peanut butter. All which can cause mold or cause an allergic reaction and possible weight gain. Other competitors use very low doses of CBD in their prepared treats for pets so they must consume many treats and calories to get their CBD. They are also very expensive.

What pets benefit from CBD?

Crunchease is convenient and easy way to administer CBD to your pets. For cats, dogs, horses, rabbits and even pocket pets benefit from CBD. You can give anywhere without having to deal with messy oils so it is great for travel. Crunchease can help your pet with anxiety, stress, lethargy, and pain. Everything CBD oil helps with but in a new innovative way.

How do I give Crunchease CBD to my pocket pet?

Crunchease are easy to use. It is best if the correct dose is placed within food bowl to eat with their meal without them knowing. You could crush them and sprinkle on food if needed. If the pellets are too hard for the pet, place a few drops of water on the dose to be given 45 minutes before the meal. The pellets will become soft and can be mixed into or placed on the pet’s food or just licked off the plate. A few pets are picky eaters and don’t like Crunchease since it is plant based. Some just need to be encouraged that it’s something they want to eat. Usually after eating the pellets one time, they come back for more. Some pets don’t pay attention to it when just thrown in with their normal food. If your pocket pet refuses to eat the pellets after trying all possibilities, we have 100% money back guarantee or would ask you donate the unused portion to a friend with a pet in need. If your pet refuses the Crunchease, we would recommend trying our Denver Dog CBD Oil on the pocket pet’s food instead. You would place a drop on their favorite treat and they will happily gobble it up.

What should we expect?

Many pocket pets with CBD have had remarkable results taking Crunchease twice a day. It is not uncommon to administer both Crunchease and our CBD oil together for supreme results with difficult conditions. We have had people notice a difference in their cats within hours but some may take a few days depending on the pet’s condition. Please leave testimonials here for others to see how CBD from Denver Dog helped your pet. We would love to have more information to help educate us and others. Thank you for visiting our store.

*****Alternative to CBD oil or prepared CBD treats.******

Crunchease naturally comes in varied lengths. May have to add or remove pellets pieces to get correct dosage of CBD
-Free of animal products, Preservatives, Gelatin, flour, wheat, sugar or dairy products.
-Bags are over sized to protect product. 100% hemp only!
-Keep bags sealed.
-Made in the USA Non GMO VEGAN
-Not intended for human consumption. ** May want to give extra dose for stressful situations.
-Non allergenic Non Euphoric *Consult a Vet if pet is pregnant or nursing
-Lab tested for quality, safety and potency.

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