What is CBD, Cannabidiol?

Lets talk a moment about just what CBD is. CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol and it is one of many Cannaboids found naturally occurring on the Cannabis plant. It is important for us all to learn more about cannaboids. One of the most famous and still illegal cannaboids is the infamous THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. The Cannabidiol that gets you ‘high’ is THC. CBD does not have the same compounds and properties and it does NOT get you ‘high’ or have ANY euphoric effects. THC and CBD are the two highest concentrations of cannaboids on the cannabis and hemp plant. THC is found in highest concentration on the cannabis plant, but CBD if found in highest concentration on the hemp plant.

How is THC different than CBD?

One attribute that CBD has and THC doesn’t? It has been discovered that CBD doesn’t hook up to the cannabinoid receptors (CB receptors) as THC does. THC hooks to the CB receptor and then you can get high. CBD doesn’t hook up to the receptors like THC. Its actually felt it repairs the CB receptors. The effect on the cells in mammals bodies is amazing and they feel that its possibly reversing the damage to the cells at the cellular level.

Nothing manmade can compare to anything occurring naturally. Cannabis has been found throughout history being used for many reasons. In Egypt they have found kings buried with hemp plants and cannabis. It is even depicted in hieroglyphics in ancient carvings 5000 years ago.

History and the reason hemp became illegal

As history progressed, almost every medicine for humans contained some form of cannabis or hemp. In 1937 Prohibition ended with alcohol. The DEA at the time needed another ‘product’ to make illegal besides alcohol. With the help of Mr. Anslinger’s friends, William Hearst and Mr. DuPont, Harry Anslinger started the war on Cannabis with hemp included. Hearst had just purchased 1000’s of acres of land in Canada with trees for paper to run through his printing presses. Hemp would not fit and he would have had to change all his presses. DuPont wanted hemp out of the picture to bring his new invention front and center, nylon and polyester.

Until then hemp had been in humans, pets and livestock’s diet for thousands of years.  You were fined and taxed money if you did not grow some on your farm. That was the complete opposite as it was forever in our world. When that occurred and hemp was removed from farms and taken out of everyone’s diets, it happened within a year. Hemp was the fastest product ever made illegal and when the hemp plant was made illegal, it was made illegal around the world. Greed can change history and apparently the health of every person and many animals on this planet. Its time to learn about CBD and its time to get healthy.

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