We want to help you understand CBD and therefore help your pets.

We believe that Cannabidiol (CBD) should be clearly understood by our customers. Because few people understand CBD, we want to educate. We want everyone to have a pleasant experience and great results with the use of our CBD hemp oil for pets. We encourage you to take time to read this and learn the benefits of CBD for pets. Even pocket pets can benefit. Denver Dog CBD hemp oil is not a pharmaceutical. It is a dietary supplement you can administer with confidence. Hemp has been in ours and our pet’s diets until the 1930’s when greed and power took control.

We want you to understand our CBD hemp oil and in return use the correct amount for each of your pets to get the most CBD oil benefit that’s possible.

  • Correct dosing and consistency will give you and your pet the best results.
  • The dose depends on your pet’s weight and condition. Every pet is different. Only known side effect is drowsiness. If this is noticed, back off on the next dose amount. Don’t stop giving it to your pet unless the situation calls for it.
  • Dividing the daily dose into two servings a day keeps the CBD levels in your pet’s body consistent. It’s best to give half the daily dose in the morning and the other half in the evening.
  • Some pets will show results in a few days, some may take a couple of weeks.
  • Some pets may need a higher dose if dealing with different conditions.

By law, we cannot make claims on our website or tell you dosing. The FDA does not allow us to. We cannot claim CBD oil benefits. That is because it is considered a CBD supplemental treatment for pets. That’s where the testimonials will help others dealing with similar situations and their own pets. Knowledge is power and we need you to share yours. Please add your testimonials on our webpage.

Why we help suggest the bottle size you should purchase that will fit your families needs.

We want you to purchase the amount of Denver Dog CBD hemp oil that will give you the best deal for your money and pets dosing. That’s why we have ‘suggestions’ on the bottle for pet sizes. They are only suggestions to help direct you to the correct and most logical purchase. The Oil is the same superior quality in each bottle no matter which you choose. They are just at different concentrations. The fact is that the higher the concentration, then the higher the number of doses available. You would not want to purchase a 3600mg bottle if you own a 4lb poodle taking only 2mg/day. That bottle would take over 4 years to get through for that one pet! The 900mg concentration bottle would be a better choice for that pet situation. If you have a 180lb Old English Mastiff, like our beloved Pearl, you would benefit to purchase the 3600mg concentration bottle. No matter what we have priced our products that the better deals are with our larger bottles, such as our Denver Dog CBD 3600 mg 4 ounce bottle.

The amount of Milligrams (mg) is what we all need to pay attention to.

It is the total milligram (mg) amount of CBD that you should pay attention to in the bottle you purchase and how many milligrams your pet or pets will need.  Every dog is a different weight and has a different situation. We want you to purchase the amount of CBD hemp oil that will be consumed in no more than a few months so you are always using the freshest hemp oil you can. When you have multiple pets in your household, you will go through the CBD hemp oil faster, so should purchase the higher concentration bottle in that situation. Our CBD hemp oil for pets is good for 1 year from the purchase date. If you need any assistance with choosing the correct amount to purchase, please email us your question. We would love you assist you the best we can. Remember Denver Dog CBD is the best CBD hemp oil for dogs as well as the best CBD oil for cats too! We have found pocket pets such as gerbils, hamsters and even chickens benefit from CBD also.


Is CBD hemp oil available through my Vet?

Plant based CBD hemp oil is available without a prescription across the U.S.A. Some Veterinarian offices are starting to carry CBD oil. Many are seeing the results their patients are having and are beginning to sell the oil. Please remember most Vets are controlled by the AVMA which follows Federal influences. They can not by law encourage it or sometimes sell it. Rest assured our products are superior quality. Try it and return to your Vet and inform them of your pets results. You will not be the only one. This will give them an advantage when they finally will sell Denver Dog CBD in their office.

Because hemp oil with CBD’s is safe and legal in the USA, you should feel free to talk to your pets Veterinarian about your pet taking CBD oil, as you would any vitamin or supplement. We would encourage you to share your finding with your Veterinarian. In doing so, you will be benefiting the Vet office itself and other patients. In turn, your Vet may be able to assist other pet owners with that new knowledge.

Remember CBD hemp oil is considered a supplement by the FDA. Our CBD oil is non euphoric and produces no high. It contains no THC. This oil and other hemp oils are not evaluated or regulated by the food and drug administration, just as all vitamins and supplements are not evaluated or regulated.