Why we have quality CBD products

Science based processes

Because we believe extraction methods using heavy chemicals, such as petroleum, erodes customer trust and delivers a lower quality product, our process is chemical free insuring quality CBD products. Each batch is individually and uniquely labeled after undergoing testing for over 300 chemicals and metals in two independent laboratories to ensure purity and CBD potency.


Plant based Products

We believe in using organic plants. Stellar Canna farmers are located in Colorado, USA!. Knowing the Farmers is the first step in product confidence. We also employ a “whole plant” approach to hemp oil enabling us to provide higher concentrations of CBD more economically. Stellar Canna is a Full Spectrum phytocannabinoid hemp oil. It includes all the other cannaboids and terpenes found in the hemp plant.


Smoke and mirrors

Please beware when choosing a CBD company to purchase products from. Many are not as transparent as others. They don’t openly divulge how their product is made. Some companies make it very hard for you to tell how many milligrams (mg) of CBD or mg/servings there are in their product. They then charge you a very high price for a weak concentrated product, one that will last a very short time. That leaves you with an inferior product that will never benefit you. Here at Stellar Canna, we want you to be as educated about CBD hemp oil as we are. Knowledge is power. Knowledge can heal. Therefore, we would greatly appreciate you sharing your newly acquired knowledge with others so they can learn about CBD hemp oil also. Together we can help others help themselves!