Administration of Denver Dog CBD Oil

There are many ways you can give your pet Denver Dog CBD hemp oil for pets. Here are a few suggestions for the best CBD oil benefits.

  1. Place directly in your dogs mouth or under their tongue (the best for absorption into the body)
  2. Place the hemp oil in the pet’s empty food bowl or on a plate (if they will lick it up)
  3. Or place it in a treat or on their dog food itself and don’t make a big deal about it.

Cats sometimes do better with the hemp oil being placed on the food or treat. Majority of pets love the flavor of Denver Dog and immediately consume the oil without question. Some pets may need to be encouraged but after one or two doses, they readily want to eat it. It’s amazing how pet knows what they need in their diet and seek it out. An example of this is pets that eat grass. They are possibly missing something in their diets; therefore, a supplement of CBD hemp oil could possibly help that craving. It did for our personal pets.


Don’t make the administration of the CBD oil complicated. Smaller pets benefit from you counting ‘drops’ of the oil for dosing, while larger dogs would need more than ‘drops’ as a dose. Keep track of the daily amount given and adjust up or down. You can easily do that by increasing or decreasing the amount of drops given or level of oil in the dropper. It could take 48 hours or up to 7days before seeing results. It could take longer if the pets’ condition is not optimal.


Pay attention to pet’s behavior and changes in behavior. Pets can show a wide range of changes with taking Denver Dog CBD oil. For example you may notice your pet wanting to play again with old toys, being a little more active, decreased signs of limping etc. Pay attention because the changes could be small but important. Some people claim it’s the best CBD oil for anxiety in dealing with their pets.


Consistent dosing and correct dosing has proven to be the most beneficially way to help you pet. Adjust the dose according to your pets’ behavior. Drowsiness can be a sign that the dose is too high, just decrease the amount you have been giving. Do not stop the CBD oil completely. Again, keep track of amount you give and adjust for each individual pet. Write it down so you can easily remember what dose is given to each pet. All pets are different. Dose accordingly.

We would LOVE to have you write a testimonial and/or pictures about you and your pets experience with Denver Dog CBD hemp oil. It will benefit other people seeking out the best CBD oil for pets. We want everyone to have access to the best dog supplement and also the best cat supplement available! Thank you.